Platypus Fishing Lines - Game Leader

Platypus Game Leader has been designed to lead the world in leader material technology and innovation.  Its multi-polymer construction has enabled Game Leader to be suitable for both crimping and knotting, while still maintaining maximum strength.

Designed for anglers by anglers, the super soft core gives maximum limpness and flexibility, while maintaining superb handling.  The annealed surface also gives maximum confidence against abrasion. When fighting a thrashing fish, minimum abrasion will occur between the fish and the Platypus Game Leader.  This allows the contest to be between you and your fish, not you and the fishing line.

The lasting qualities of Platypus Game Leader are unequalled. With technologically superior UV inhibitors, unique heat stabilizers, and an impregnated lubricating compound, you will find your Platypus Game Leader performing at optimum tensile strength in the harshest of conditions.

Advantages of Platypus Game Leader

  • Additives to minimize damage from extended battles with trophy fish
  • Impregnated lubricating compound to reduce heat build-up from friction on rod guides
  • Exceptional strength and durability

Available Sizes and Lengths: Game Leader is available in 15m to 100m packs, depending on the size as indicated below:

  • 100m pack: 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, and 100lb
  • 50m pack: 150lb, 200lb, and 250lb
  • 25m pack: 300lb and 400lb
  • 15m pack: 500lb and 600lb

Color: Clear

Platypus Game Leader is packaged in convenient leader wheels.