Platypus Fishing Lines - Hard Alloy Leader

Platypus Hard Alloy Leader is the ultimate leader for the discerning angler.  It is manufactured in Australia using a unique blend of nylon polymers to produce an ultra-hard alloy for the ultimate in abrasion resistance.  We have selected specific polymers for their high-tensile strength and high abrasion-resistance properties.  By combining these polymers we are able to produce this unique leader.

Platypus Hard Alloy Leader is one of the only leaders in the world produced with a matte finish to reduce glint under the water.

Advantages of Platypus Hard Alloy Leader

  • Unique blend of raw materials to give high impact strength and superior abrasion resistance
  • Significantly improved abrasion-resistance compared to other leaders
  • Lower elongation (stretch) for better lure presentation and improved hook up rate
  • Special UV inhibitors and heat stabilizers are added

Available Lengths: Hard Alloy Leader is available in 50m to 100m packs, depending on the size as indicated below:

  • 100m pack: 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, and 100lb
  • 50m pack: 50lb and 200lb

Color: Matte

Platypus Hard Alloy Leader is packaged in convenient leader wheels.