Platypus Fishing Lines - P8 Braid

Extra thin and round, P8 is our premium quality braid.  Utilizing 8-strand construction insures P8 is one of the thinnest braids in the world.  Round, smooth and supple, P8 will pack more evenly onto your reel for longer and more accurate casts time after time.

Platypus P8 Braid is stronger than steel.  Computer monitored braiding achieves an extremely tight weave of 100% ultra high molecular weight PE gel spun fibers in an eight carrier configuration.  Eight carrier braids are at the premium end of the braid spectrum.

Superior Construction - Platypus P8 Braid's eight carrier construction is the best braid structure for any species or fishing situation, whether using conventional or spin gear.  Eight carrier braids are rounder and thinner than the typical three or four carrier braids, which while cheaper are technologically inferior.  Additionally, eight carrier braids do not flatten and take on water like 12 or 16 carrier braids.  With the actual unknotted breaking strain on the Platypus P8 Braid label, anglers are able to make a more informed choice about the most important component of their setup.  

Versatility - Platypus P8 Braid is ideal for all casting applications – from light tackle bait and soft plastics, to structure fishing, to deep sea adventures.

Ultimate Sensitivity - Platypus P8 Braid uses 100% ultra high molecular weight PE fibers engineered with near zero stretch…and unlike fused gel spun lines, it has zero memory for much better control.


  • 6 lb 0.06 mm
  • 8 lb 0.12 mm
  • 10 lb 0.14 mm
  • 15 lb 0.18 mm
  • 20 lb 0.22 mm
  • 30 lb 0.27 mm
  • 50 lb 0.32 mm

Lengths: Available in 150 or 300 yard spools

Color: High Vis Orange