Platypus Fishing Lines - Platinum Plus Braid

After several years of feedback and continuous research, Platypus has remastered our popular Platinum Braid, and produced a stronger, thinner braid while still retaining the softness of the original best-selling line.

By employing a unique braiding process we are able to pack the PE fibers closer together, decreasing diameter and enhancing the strength by up to 25%.  One of the most important properties in your braid is softness.  This increases the maneuverability of the line, providing for smoother and longer trouble-free casts, and more realistic presentation.

Platypus Platinum Plus Braid is everything that made our Platinum Braid unique and the AFTA award winner, just stronger and thinner!

Precise Strength – Our unique computer monitored braiding achieves a smooth weave of 100% ultra-high molecular weight PE gel spun fibers, making our braid stronger than steel.  Our advanced processing increases the strength up to 25% when compared to conventional braided lines.

Silicon Coating - Super slick silicon coating for quieter, longer and more accurate casts.  The smoother surface of Platinum Plus also gives it enhanced abrasion resistance.

Engineering – The thinner profile of Platinum Plus will pack better and allow you to fit more line on your reel.

Ultimate Sensitivity - 100% ultra-high molecular weight PE fibers engineered for near zero stretch create sensitivity that monofilament cannot match.  Our trademark suppleness makes for a much easier line to handle and cast, compared to other wire-like fused lines.


  • 5 lb (0.12 mm, PE 0.5)
  • 10 lb (0.148 mm, PE 0.8)
  • 15 lb (0.205 mm, PE 1.5)
  • 20 lb (0.22 mm, PE 1.75)
  • 30 lb (0.26 mm, PE 2.5)
  • 50 lb (0.35 mm, PE 4.5)
  • 80 lb (0.435 mm, PE 7)


  • 5 lb - 50 lb: Available in 125yd or 300yd spools
  • 80lb: Only available in 300yd, 500yd and 1000yd spools

Color: High Vis Lime Green