Platypus Fishing Lines - Pre-test

For almost 40 years Platypus Pre-test has been the line to use if you were chasing sport and game fishing records.  Proving itself with almost 600 IGFA and ANSA records, Platypus Pre-test is an iconic symbol of 118 years of Australian fishing line innovation.

Platypus Pre-test offers confidence that no other line in the world has the guts to do, with the highest test written on every spool, and initialed by the actual tester. Every 1000 meters of Pre-test is tested three times!

Just because Platypus Pre-test has been around for over 40 years does not mean that it has remained the same. Platypus is constantly updating techniques, and tracking down new resins and additives to bring you the best possible monofilament in the world.

Platypus Pre-test has an engineered stretch that acts as a shock absorber for those long battles with trophy fish. Platypus uses its exclusive hard annealing process to provide excellent abrasion resistance and unmatched quality.

Advantages of Platypus Pre-test

  • Every 1000m of Pre-test is tested three times
  • Engineered stretch for long battles with trophy fish
  • Almost 600 IGFA and ANSA records
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • A three-layer co-polymer nylon monofilament with ultraviolet inhibitors and heat stabilizers added


  • 1 kg (0.15 mm)
  • 2 kg (0.21mm)
  • 3 kg (0.25 mm)
  • 4 kg (0.31 mm)
  • 6 kg (0.36 mm)
  • 8 kg (0.41 mm)
  • 10 kg (0.45 mm)
  • 15 kg (0.58 mm)
  • 24 kg (0.75 mm)
  • 37 kg (0.97 mm)
  • 60 kg (1.16mm)

Lengths: Available in 300m, 500m or 1000m spools (300m not available in 24kg, 37kg, and 60kg)

Colors: High Vis Yellow, Low Vis Clear