Platypus Fishing Lines - Stealth Leader

Platypus Stealth Leader is made using 100% fluorocarbon.  Designed and manufactured to our exact specifications, this advanced fluorocarbon line maintains excellent knot and impact strength, unlike many other fluorocarbons on the market today.  

Advantages of Platypus Stealth Leader

  • Faster sink rate gets the lure or bait down to the strike zone quicker
  • Higher refractive index means the line is far less visible in the water when compared to traditional nylon lines
  • Does not absorb water which can weaken normal nylon lines
  • Excellent knot strength unlike other fluorocarbon lines
  • UV inhibitors and heat stabilizers added for extra strength and durability


  • 2 lb (0.14mm)
  • 4 lb (0.18mm)
  • 6 lb (0.22mm)
  • 8 lb (0.25mm)
  • 10 lb (0.31mm)
  • 15 lb (0.35mm)
  • 20 lb (0.40mm)
  • 30 lb (0.45mm)
  • 45 lb (0.60mm)

Lengths:  Available in 100 m lengths

Color: Clear

Platypus Stealth Leader is packaged in convenient leader wheels.