Platypus Fishing Lines - Super Braid

Platypus Super Braid is braided using 100% ultra-high molecular weight PE fibers for the low stretch, ultra-thin diameter you have come to expect from the new wave of braided lines.

Super Braid has amazing characteristics, including the astonishing fact that for its diameter, it is ten times stronger than steel!  It will not deteriorate in sunlight or absorb water like many other braids.  It also has no line memory.  Unlike thermo fused and fusion lines, Super Braid does not suffer from fluffing after the fused coating begins to wear. The effect of fluffing is that as the line is retrieved it creates a much larger wake due to the fluff pushing through the water.  When anglers need every advantage they can get, Platypus Super Braid delivers!

Super Braid is an excellent choice for lure casting, trolling, fly reel backing or bottom fishing.  It has enough body to cast exceptionally far while also being limp enough to ensure excellent handling and maneuverability.  It provides remarkable sensitivity and situation awareness with near zero stretch.  Additional advantages include crisper lure actions, deeper running depths, and positive hook setting.

Sizes and equivalent monofilament diameters


  • 4 lb (1 lb mono)
  • 8 lb (2 lb mono)
  • 10 lb (3 lb mono)
  • 12 lb (4 lb mono)
  • 15 lb (5 lb mono)
  • 20 lb (6 lb mono)
  • 30 lb (8 lb mono)
  • 50 lb (10 lb mono)
  • 80 lb (20 lb mono)
  • 125 lb (35 lb mono)
  • 200 lb (50 lb mono)


  • 2 lb - 12 lb: Available in 100yd, 150yd, 300yd, 500yd, and 1000yd spools
  • 15 lb - 200 lb:  Available in 100yd, 150yd, 300yd, 500yd, 1000yd spools, and 2000yd spools 


Dark Green, High Vis Yellow